Tuesday, November 20, 2012

worst date?

More like misguided, overanyalzed or underwhelming.

I did not date in high school and paid only marginal attention to my friends who were dating. Dating was this big mystery thing that I might do once I went off to college and the selection was varied. Dating in a small high school begins to look incestuous after four years. Later, as a high school teacher, I heard enough student gossip to realize that those kids who didn't leave home after graduation were bound to have a few awkward family reunions.

But my own dating life in high school was nonexistent. I don't think my parents were opposed to me dating; in fact, my younger sister is married to her high school sweetheart. But enough of my friends told me that there was just no one in my hometown for me and I believed it. I was kind of weird. And oblivious to a lot of pop culture. So right there, you  have little to talk about on the drive to and from the movie theatre.

Perhaps I am very lucky to not have a worst date story. Though I suspect I may be someone else's worst date story. Any dating I did in college I did not like to call dating. Once a guy I had been hanging out with for a while introduced me as his girlfriend and I almost threw up. And he was a really super nice guy! In my head, dating meant we were bound for marriage. It at least meant he should meet my parents.

So I called it hanging out because changing the name works. You tend to avoid The Relationship Talk and meeting parents if you keep insisting you're just hanging out. Actually, in my case, usually I was just hanging out. Once a guy I had been hanging out with asked me to go for a walk in the campus nature reserve. Where he started The Relationship Talk and I got a little fuzzy thinking: oh, this could be nice. And then he concluded The Relationship Talk saying that maybe we had a chance in another ten years. Subtle.

So not the worst dates ever. Not really even dates. Oh well. I tried to think of a good one, Kristine. Alas, I have no romantic comedy in my past.


Steve said...

I did not know that about you. I dated some, but was really really shy to ask girls out. I think I really really had to be positive the girl liked me, usually by one of her friends telling me or something.

My anxieties of rejection were one of the many things I had to overcome.

You and Jessica sound a lot alike in that way maybe.

Oh well keep 'em coming. You may have a 60/60 in you. :)

I am enjoying it. :)

Steve said...

so as not to be misunderstood, I didn't mean you both had to get over a fear of rejection, but you both probably didn't date much is what I meant.

laterzzz. :)