Sunday, November 11, 2012

veterans day

I know a few former military men and women who work in Kuwait as contractors. Last year I met a woman chaplain who served in Afghanistan. And any time we fly from here, I notice troops with their duffels, flying home or flying further away from home. A couple years ago, I met a young man flying home for a short leave to meet his new baby daughter. And when I think of a small group of soldiers waiting for a flight to Kandahar, I wonder where they are now.

My parents met in Italy while serving in the Air Force. When I was seven, Dad left the Air Force and settled our family in Wisconsin. I have a friend here who grew up on bases and I sometimes wonder who I'd be if I'd finished growing up on bases.

When I was seventeen, I thought about joining the Air Force but didn't. There are many of us who haven't served in the military and do not know the unique challenges and costs of that kind of service, wartime or not. But as a nation we are learning the toll of combat service and need to address ways to serve the very people who serve our country. Today is a day for gratitude and so I do thank military men and women for their service. And I thank Dad and Mom for their service.

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Steve said...

My brother, now deceased, served inthe Army. In the Airborn Division. It was a non-war time, and he said it was really boring. So boring he actually got in shape for maybe the only time past High School.

In whatever service you really put everything on the line for?? Country, flag, General??

You definitely hope the War is for a good cause I bet.

Wars are caused by people who believe in something so much they are willing to put people in harms way.

I am pretty anti-war, but not so naive to know people hate people all over the World, and Wars have, and will always be around.