Friday, November 2, 2012

tucked in a cookbook

First, thanks for the encouragement! Here is day two:

Last night I went through my cookbooks and loose recipes looking for a cinnamon roll recipe. Whenever I look for a specific recipe, it takes a little time. Even if the recipe is in a real cookbook, I get sidetracked by the other looseleaf or printed recipes I've tucked into my cookbooks. The organizational part of my recipe collection is an old green Barnes & Noble bag that I finally shoved full with a sheaf of recipes ripped from magazines or printed from online sources. If I know the recipe is somewhere in that Barnes & Noble bag, I rely on the color of the heading or whether I printed it through email or if the page is double-sided, lined notebook paper, or the back of a reciept.

I found the cinnamon roll recipe and set it aside in a stack of main dishes and desserts I haven't made recently: To Make Sometime Soon.

I also set aside a few papers and notes that have nothing to do with baking cookies or making soup. I found a tiny white envelope for our cat Oliver's worm medication dated August 2005. Justin and I got married that summer and then adopted two cats, Ira and Oliver. I found a note my mom wrote and sent along for my first marathon, Grandma's in 2002. I found notes from a rather pressured pitch to become a Mary Kay consultant. I found a printed email with payment confimation of an August 2008 Discover bill; on the back side, long division and fractions in Justin's hand.

These things don't belong with my recipes. But for years I've found them when I look for a cinnamon roll recipe or the sauce for lime chicken. And I like finding things that aren't in their place. I like to remember a friend because there's her handwriting telling me how to make hummus. I've thought about really organizing my recipes. But most of the time I can find the one I want. And something else that takes me outside the kitchen for a minute.


Anonymous said...

some of my recipes are in the kitchen, in an actual recipe box. some are in my bedroom, in a shoebox that won't close. this morning i found the buttercream recipe i searched for last month. it was next to the epi-pens. i hate having to cook anything that requires a recipe i must find, but i love remembering that ruthie used to call my favorite pink birds puffingamos.

jsmarslender said...

Now I know who I get it from : )

Steve said...

I wish we had good recipes. We sometimes get tired of the same old stuff. We try and think of new things, but we don't always have time.

btw, I have a goal too. If you blog every day this month I will try and comment on every update. :)

My job will be easier than yours I bet. :)