Saturday, November 24, 2012

three word games

I like words. When I was in high school I carried around a thesaurus. I am sure my English teachers appreciated the reach of my vocabulary if not its clean accuracy. Here are three word games you can spend the weekend playing:

Scrabble. I think everyone knows this one. Oldie. Goodie. And infuriating when you have a shelf of vowels. But land that triple word and the world is right again.

Bananagrams. Such a fun game! Like Scrabble, it's an acrostic game with letter tiles. The game comes with a couple of different ways you can play or you can add your own house rules. This is a faster game than Scrabble and based on finishing first rather than points.

Quiddler. This card game is the most fun if you have a group. You can play Scrabble and Bananagrams with just two people and feel an even match, but Quiddler is much better with at least three or four to play. The game is made up of rounds; each round you add another card to your hand. Cards have a single letter or a letter cluster such as "cl" or "qu." Cards have point values, so this game combines speed - make your words first - and points to make it a little more complex than Bananagrams.

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Steve said...

carried a Thesaurus?? I remember having one, but probably after College maybe. I was never a writer, although I did write one good one in High School. My teacher read the title, and didn't want to read it. The title was Carpets I think. He read it, and said it was really good. Andy Rooney'ish.

I think after College, I wanted to be smart, and you know work my way toward that. Now I just go with whatever is in my head. :)

It isn't always pretty, and definitely not always with clean language. ;)