Thursday, November 22, 2012

thankful for

  1. ten minutes of quiet
  2. plenty
  3. cake
  4. cooler weather here
  5. staying alive on the roads
  6. a job I enjoy
  7. kids that crack me up
  8. a husband that loves me even when I am a little unlovable
  9. a writing life
  10. books
  11. God
  12. learning His love
  13. clouds in the sky after months of clear bright sun
  14. our Fahaheel seawall walk
  15. online recipes
  16. parchment paper
  17. unsalted butter
  18. fresh baked bread
  19. crayons and markers and paper
  20. Pentel RSVP pens, fine point, black
  21. electricity
  22. playing Scrabble with Justin
  23. family
  24. good friends who feel like family
  25. days out
  26. mochas
  27. comfortable bed
  28. the moon
  29. treadmill
  30. colors
  31. forgiveness and healing
  32. sleep
  33. dreams and daydreams


Anonymous said...

A daughter who posts every day on her blog! (no pressure :)
Love you!

Steve said...

LOL to your Mom's comment. I looked at the number 33, and wondered if there was any significance, or just how it ended??

Oh well, Glad I read your blog. Have a good one. :)