Monday, November 12, 2012

realizing anew

Yesterday afternoon I laid down to nap with Claire. She was supposed to sleep and let me rest too, but she wanted to be a cat or to show me her baby cow dressed in one of Grant's newborn onesies. She burrowed under the covers and popped up to lean over my face, goofy grin. It was sweet time. We snuggled, she pretended to sleep with snoring noises that made both of us giggle.

In the end, she didn't nap at all. She's moving out of that anyway. Justin took her on an errand to buy paint which led to a kid's hot chocolate at Caribou which became a walk along the beach picking up shells. She had a great afternoon.

Sometimes I think how neat it is that I get to watch this person grow.


Steve said...

"Sometimes I think how neat it is that I get to watch this person grow."

What a great line. Of course you may think differently when the teenage years come. ;) j/k

Steve said...

Oh, and btw, me being the smart person I am I just used google translate to figure out what your title meant. Seems I probably should have done that a while ago. :)