Saturday, November 17, 2012

pulling teeth

And other metaphors for a writing a blog post into -

Into what? The blogosphere? Interweb? Oblivion? Into a vast network of unread stuff that will surface to great import only if I am ever up for hiring or firing? Ack.

Descriptors and metaphors for sitting down to write today's post:

(not) Cat's meow
Electric cut out mid thought
Fear I'll say something perfect for the hiring/firing folder
Hair pulling
I want to quit this month early
jk (oh, and I loathe text speak)
(but can I count) jk twice now?
Look out for anticlimactic posts this week!
No ideas
Oh dear
Poor me
Quit griping and type
Right now
See: almost done
Though I'll admit, it's a half-hearted march to the end
Universally unappealing
Very dull
Whatever, fine, okay, here's the daily post
Xylophone, the x always such a problem letter!
You tell me what to write!

I mean it on the y. If you're reading this, give me a topic in the comments before I poke my eyes out. This was a terrible terrible idea! Help me salvage it!


Steve said...

HA HA HA!! I am bad with coming up with ideas for writing. It took me til "x" just to figure out what you were doing on this one.

I told you it was going to be hard. :)

For the record too, I don't think you are boring. :)

Steve said...

what do you want out of life?? What mistakes have you made?? If you could change anything what would it be?? Worst thing that happened in your childhood?? How many boyfriends in your life?? Who hurt you the most?? Greatest "truthful" accomplishment??

jsmarslender said...

Thanks for the ideas, Steve! Some big questions :) I'll see what I can think of to answer...

Anonymous said...

Whatcha gonna get me for Christmas? Do you have a recipe for a crusty, really French baguette? What is your favorite memory of your mom? (Maybe this should be answered in place of Steve's suggestion of worst thing that happened in your childhood!) See, I read your blog... but, it is hard to come up with ideas for you...
Love you, Sweet Girl.
Mom (if I can prove I'm not a robot)

Kristine Webster said...

I say first, tell me about your worst/weirdest date ever. I need 12 more ideas for my NaNo novel, which has been UTTERLY stalled for most of the month, but which is picking up today.

Second, either pull out that good friend far away book or go to the NaNo Site and find the plot generator. There is some sort of something somewhere that spins like a slot machine and gives you 3 of the most random things to try to write into your novel. Or you can write about Guilt Monkeys and what they will do to you if you give up this goal of yours.

Steve, I also took until X to figure out what she was doing and then went back and re-read them to make sure. :)