Tuesday, November 27, 2012

possibly more than i can chew, but what fun!

I need to renew my teaching certification next summer and the minimum requirement is six credits. Okay. Last time I did this, I took a couple of cheap classes with coursework that was mostly repeat of my college teaching methods classes. Boor-ring.

What I want is to earn an MFA in writing. But graduate credits are pricey and the paycheck payoff is minimal and the time commitment seems a little big for me right now. While I haven't been in a rush to apply to any graduate programs, I still need credits to keep my teaching certification.

What I wanted to find was an online writing workshop that offered credits. A lot of colleges and universities offer writing workshops for no credit and if I wasn't keeping my certification, those would be a great option.

So guess what I finally found? Stanford Continuing Studies offers online writing workshops for credit. Two workshops, six credits, ten weeks. Very excited to be part of a workshop! Very excited to write in new directions!

The classes begin in January so I have time to look at my schedule and see where I need to reorganize my time. Right now I am just so glad to have found credits that won't ask me to create an umpteenth classroom management plan. So excited to write and workshop!

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2 streaks still alive. ;)

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