Monday, November 5, 2012

political divide

Justin and I voted absentee. The US Embassy is mailing our ballots. I voted partly so my civic duty can justify occasional political rants. I voted knowing that my absentee ballot may not be counted. But I voted.

A few weeks ago, a couple of students were talking about which candidate would be better for the Middle East. Romney would not, they said, but they weren't clear why. And during the primaries, one girl told me she supported Santorum because of his conservative stances. What surprised me was that students in the Middle East are paying attention to a US presidential election. When I was in high school, I don't remember thinking about how another nation's election might play out in my own country.

As Justin and I have watched politics unfold in our own home state, Wisconsin, the past couple of years and during this year's presidential campaign, we've both been a little shocked by the hard lines drawn and the divide between sides. That divide is bristly. Both sides entrenched. But regardless your political views, a politician or a party is not going save you. Their policies might help you recieve your healthcare or your tax break, but politics is wild and messy and discordant enough that you may only keep that healthcare or tax break until the next round. Which is why I have fledgling opinions about sacking politics and working right where you live: be a part of your community, recognize and aid needs you see, know your neighbors beyond the red or blue sign in their yard.

Here is an episode of This American Life called Red State Blue State. Tough political climate.

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Steve said...

National Politics is ugly. I don't like to think too much about it for that very reason, and I also think National Politics is really corrupt. Money plays a big deal.

During our run yesterday the discussion went with both sides, and as far as I can tell no side is right, and there are no right answers.

I had to stop reading "Atlas Shrugged" for that very reason. No sides will make everything good, and it seems everyone's thoughts and ideas are so unique there probably is no middle ground.

Next easy thing?? I am right, as are my friends, and the rest of you are dumb. :) (simplistic, but it is what it seems kinda)