Wednesday, November 14, 2012

keeping in touch

I have a friend here who is moving next month. I actually don't want to talk about that goodbye. I'm keeping it an abstract thing that will happen sometime soon but since it isn't right in front of me (next month is kind of right in front of me), I am not dwelling on how sad another goodbye to another good friend is. It is sad. I am just not thinking about it all the time.

Because I have said goodbye to many many good friends for years. Years!

What I've been wondering about lately is: what is "keeping in touch"? Facebook? Skype? Emailing regularly? Checking each other's blogs?

In college I got interested in the lives of pioneer women and their families. And when we moved abroad, I thought about how different it is for us to leave home today. Pioneer women headed west knowing they would likely never see their hometowns again. We go home nearly every summer. Pioneer women wrote long letters that took months to arrive, but they were precious and personal letters to family and friends. I like a Facebook post or picture or write a quick email saying I miss you. I really do miss you: friends who were such a part of our routine and are now far away. I miss the conversations and coffees and walks or runs together, dinners shared. I miss that.

But as I am about to add another goodbye and another far away friend, I wonder about how to keep in touch in a way that feeds friendship.

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Steve said...

I'll tell you a quick little story. I have said it on my blog a long time ago, but my blog goes on forever, and who can/wants to read that dumb thing. Surely not I. :)

Anyway, the only reason I moved to Michigan is because I was tired of everyone moving away from me. I was sick of being sad. I got fed up, put in for a promotion, and moved that weekend.

It was my way to get revenge on people making me sad.

I know that doesn't help anything, but I have been in your shoes, and I know it sucks.

Take care. :)