Thursday, November 15, 2012


Day fifteen of blogging in a thirty day month! I'm a little surprised I haven't quit yet. I remember a few two mile races in high school when lap three had me tired of the round again round again - and I still had five laps to run.

Other Halfway Things:
I am halfway to sixty-four years old.
Justin is halfway to sixty-six years old.
Claire is halfway to eight.
Grant is halfway to four.

Okay. If I blogged this in the morning, I might have a better list.

We are halfway through our long weekend. School was cancelled on Sunday after Saturday night's spectacular fiftieth anniversary celebration of Kuwait's constitution. Does anything say Happy 50 like fifteen million dollars worth of fireworks? We skipped the fireworks. We have two excuses for rarely heading into the city at night: traffic and kids. We would have enjoyed the fireworks but, oh well. (Sometimes I am afraid I used all my adventuresome spirit just propelling us out of Wisconsin. Then I remember that some things really will be easier once everyone is potty trained and I don't need to pack snacks).

So halfway through our long weekend: school was cancelled on Sunday and then we had a scheduled holiday for yesterday and today and the regular weekend is Friday and Saturday. There you go. And we've been having a great weekend! Yesterday morning Claire and I took a walk along the Corniche with friends and this morning Grant came along for another walk with friends in Fahaheel. Two walks in two days! Gorgeous weather. I love the way the kids' hair smells after a morning in the sun.

Halfway through November: post topics! I have two in my head, but fifteen days of November left!

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Steve said...

Congrats on making it halfway. I am halfway to 92. ;)

I think. 1966--76-86-96-'06--7,8,9,10,11,12

Yep, I am 46, so that makes my math good. :)