Friday, November 30, 2012

friday five: a whole month!?

I did it! I managed to blog each day for the month of November. My comments on the process:
  1. Thank you for your comments! I liked hearing from you. I think of Steve as the Champion Commenter. He decided that if I could blog each day this month, he could post a comment. But each of you who left comments: thank you too! And there are a few of you who commented on my blog in conversation, and I appreciate that too. Fun to send all this out, but nice to get a reply echoed back.
  2. I thought I might find a new theme for my blog but I haven't. There are blogs devoted to cooking, politics, mommyhood, loss, spirituality, empowerment, homemaking, happiness, running, books and and and! So many people have so much to say about so many things. My blog remains a mash. I want to make it a tidier mash and update my blog roll, perhaps redo my labels, and put a new picture of me up. I have bangs now.
  3. Blogging daily is a time commitment. I knew that going into the month. I like to make time most days to write but a lot of that writing isn't for you to read - it's rough or personal or wandering. (Some of this month's posts may fit that description. Hm). Making time to write and quickly review what I posted took between twenty minutes and an hour. When a post took longer to write, it was usually because I was rereading and revising a few sentences or the order of my ideas, hoping to be better understood.
  4. I have long said I enjoy writing essays. And a couple of posts this month will serve as starts to longer pieces. One of the workshops I'll begin in January is called Balancing and Other Acts: Parents Who Write and the focus is narrative nonfiction. I'm looking forward to culling my blog for ideas that deserve a finished work.
  5. This month has not made me more of a blog reader. I usually read blogs in chunks, getting lost for an hour in updated posts. So I have less of a daily fix, unless I notice someone on my blog roll updated. But my blog roll itself needs updating! A couple years ago, I regularly checked a few blogs and added comments and felt entwined in a small virtual way to lives of people I hadn't met. I thought I might read more blogs this month since I was posting daily, but I did not. I am okay keeping my blog reading sporadic bursts. I still feel entwined.  
What a fun month! Glad you were each along for the read.


Steve said...

Good Job. :)

See you whenever your next update is. :)

Anonymous said...

You did it! I will miss these daily updates. Don't stay away too long...

christy said...

I'm sad that this month is over. It's been nice to have a daily dose of Sarah. I think you could pull of a blog about writing. How it feels to write. Writing fiction, writing in a second language, high schoolers writing, writing well, writing songs, writing together, writing as therapy, writing as a teacher, writing as a student, writing as a four-year-old, hand writing, yeah, I think you could do it. Meanwhile, I'm really missing our times at the keyboard. That was a special thing I'd never been apart of before, and wish it would come around again.