Wednesday, November 21, 2012

drawing with mom

One of my favorite memories is laying on the floor with a brown paper bag opened flat and a box of crayons spilled out. We laid on our bellies and Mom was on the floor with us, each of us filling a space of the brown paper with color.

We have a little table for Claire and Grant and little chairs Justin and I sit at too. We open blank notebooks or tape down butcher block paper or use the back sides of old school letters or tests. We can never keep a box of crayons new for long and markers have tattooed legs and arms. But Justin and I both like to sit with Claire and Grant, drawing.

Many times in the middle of drawing another tree or fish or airplane - frequent requests - I think of Mom laying on her belly, drawing pictures with me.


Anonymous said...

This morning Ellie and I sat together and covered pieces of coat-hanger wire with brown florist tape until we had a "tree" upon which to hang leaves of thanksgiving. The kids will deliver it to the nursing home this evening when they go to play bingo. I must write some leaves for our own thankful tree, because I've been rather bound by forgetting to give thanks, lately. Thanks, Sarah, for the sweet memory, and for making those kind of memories with your kids!
I love you.

Steve said...

This really isn't an update I'd normally comment on, as I was a boy, and now a guy, and guys grow up to be stupid people. Boys were probably stupid too.

Having said that though, we have a thing going. You got a streak, and I have a streak, so wanna keep it alive. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family, and your Mom, and everyone too. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Steve.
I've read a lot of your comments and I seriously doubt you grew up to be stupid. If you worry about that, though, you should get a new box of crayons and a couple grocery bags and let yourself go.

Sarah's Mom