Thursday, September 13, 2012

kip litton article

My dad sent me a link to "Marathon Man" by Mark Singer. It's an article about a Michigan dentist named Kip Litton who managed to turn in great marathon times by cheating the routes. Wow. That isn't an impressed wow. It's a baffled not-sure-why-he-did-that wow. How much energy does it take to plan a cut and reentry on a route? And if Kip was able to do that, then why mess up the ruse with different shirts or shoes or hats in the race route photos? He was a legitamate marathon finisher before deciding to cheat. Why start making up races and cheating to cut his times?

Near the end of the article, I began thinking about lies that get bigger and bigger and bigger and kept waiting for some confessional relief. Like, spill it, Litton.

The piece is well-written. It's running + mystery + human condition. With a little snarkiness and a tiny bit of compassion.

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Steve said...

WOW!! That is nuts.