Monday, June 18, 2012

goodbye farewell so long see you later

A couple weeks ago I had a really bad day. Not one thing. One thing wrong makes for a lousy afternoon, maybe, or an hour of figuring out how to think about it in a better way, what comes next. But piling thing on thing on thing: that's a really bad day. My bad day finally whittled down to thirty minutes of crying about friends I've said goodbye to. This past year I've said goodbye to four good friends, five friends if you give me a year and a couple months. That's a short chunk of time to lose daily visits or play dates or family dinners with five great women.

That bad day was followed by two weeks of all the teachers leaving saying goodbye to all the teachers staying here. We said goodbye to some family friends and I know that next year when we get a group together for brunch or to barbecue, it'll be odd to not have the old faces show up at the table. I'll miss them. We've been fortunate to know some really great people here. But we remain fortunate in that too. That's what I've been thinking about the past couple weeks. I said goodbye to great great friends and miss them but I've looked around and seen whose staying and thought: so happy they're still here.

Last year at this time, I felt a glimmer of that too. I'd just said goodbye to friends heading for Canada and was crying. I stopped by another apartment and just bawled, "I'm so glad you're not leaving!" So that's what it's like this year. Sad at the goodbyes but so happy that not everyone has packed their bags and left Kuwait.

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Steve said...

I can relate. I lived in Bloomington/Normal for like 10 years. It is a college town, and I got sick of people moving away all the time, and me being sad.

So to get my revenge I moved away. Put in for a promotion, and moved that weekend.