Sunday, April 15, 2012


And already I am not sure what to lead with: knee, break, cooking? My right knee is injured/ healing/ growing stronger. I still don't know what happened but suspect that a very tight quad overzealously stretched near the end of February turned to me and said: don't ever ever do that again. Oh, the pride I am letting go of this year. Just falls off me, all this pride. In college I ran through crazy injury and pain and not because I was really competitive but because I was really dumb about taking care of my body. Five years ago I decided to be reasonable and have remained so, to a numbing point of boredom. There are no challenges in my running world until summer.

The pride part: taking care of my body. I stretch using yoga poses. I prided myself on having good knees and being a diligent stretcher. And then there was a week or two when I neglected all my diligent stretching and my quad got tight; when I figured that out, I stretched it mercilessly. Don't do that. Just don't. The next day or two my knee swelled. I went in for physical therapy which I tell myself is a good thing: I'm now strengthening my quads to help both kneecaps track properly.

Really I just want to be able to head out for hour and a half early morning runs this summer, stock up my outside running before returning to the treadmill. Really I just want to keep my body running so that one day when we are living in green again, I can eat up all those long wandering runs before breakfast. So I am running sloooow.

Okay. Knee, check. Break. We had spring break last week. Continuing with my Year of Not Traveling With Kids Because That Isn't a Vacation, we didn't go anywhere. We had a good time. Justin built stuff and painted more stuff. We went to the park Easter morning to let Claire and Grant hunt melted chocolate. I finally finished a short story that wasn't too short at the end: needs revision and a final edit, but the structure is pretty set. I think. Okay. Break, check.

Cooking, I don't even want to talk about. Last night Justin and I had one of those morbid conversations couples have. (I'm assuming all couples talk dying and one or the other being left alone). So I asked Justin what he would look for in a woman if he had to remarry. Essentially wondering if I was falling short anywhere. He mentioned a few standards and then said he appreciated my cooking and would want someone who could cook well. I said, "Me too." And it's true. I would look for a cook.

And right now, I need to go cook dinner. When I get whiney about cooking I go Pollyanna and remind myself that I have an abundance of food I can cook. Even though, lately, I'm mostly in the mood for cold cereal.


Sergio en Colombia said...

oh, i miss the marslanders!!!
i was thinking of you the other day, sarah. i just finished a book of short stories all around the same main character - a girl/woman born to colombian parents in the US. it's called "vida" and by patricia engel. her character development was reminiscent of some of the shorts you shared with me. i really enjoyed it. if you have a kindle, check it out.

Steve said...

Interesting conversation with the husband. You probably had some things you wanted to hear, and he has no idea about that I bet.

Us guys are not the most compassionate people. I put us up there with slugs. :)

Hope your knee gets better. :)

Angela and David said...

Hope the knee feels better and congrats on the short story. Will you have it published? Are you still working on writing a book?

jsmarslender said...

Stetson - I'll check out her book. There were a couple from a list you posted that I want to read too. We miss you too!

Steve - Justin's a pretty great guy and does well at keeping me level. And I know he likes my cooking! Thanks for the knee fun to be injured.

Angela - the story was fun! I've been going through last year's notebooks to pull starts together. I'm trying to finish pieces. The story I just wrote is nearly a novella but by the time I'm done cutting, it'll likely be closer to story size again. : ) I'll post my publishing aspirations later.

Clare said...

injuries stink. i think i would look for a cook too. and someone who could fix things.