Friday, February 3, 2012

well there you go

Kuwait held elections yesterday. Which meant that last night we listened to celebratory gunfire. It was great! I love imagining how well aimed rounds are when shot at midnight.

Here is BBC's short synopsis of the election.

And here is an opinion piece we saw in the Kuwait Times yesterday. The woman addressed the two million of us living here in Kuwait who were essentially ignored by candidates in this election. Granted, we don't vote. But we live here and consideration for our welfare and rights is a concern for the government. As long as there is oil and money in the region, there will be expats. It can be a tenuous relationship or regard between a majority expat population and a minority citizen population. That's conjecture on my part. I haven't researched or read much about the relationship between guest workers and citizens here or in the region. But I am thankful for the rights I do have in Kuwait.

And I hope the new government is wise.

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