Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Grant loves loves popcorn. At this Christmas party, he parked himself by the bowl.
Claire has a friend here who knows her mama likes to bake! This season Claire has been helping to frost cookies, making sure to lick the spoon between each. Mmm.
We have a collection of photographs by Claire. She's getting good at not cropping heads.
One of our favorite things to do: color.
The Hilton hosted a Christmas tree lighting. What fun evening!


Anonymous said...

cute pictures. kids sure are growing.. thanks so much for the card and pictures . good to hear from you. we are doing well ,keeping busy with reading, tv, sports etc. just did food pantry christmas meals this weekend and I'm now getting thank-yous to all the many people that have donated to our pantry this past year.. i am treas so that job comes to me. Have a a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. we love and miss you guys. GG and GP

Billie said...

I love that you guys have painted! I sooooo want to do it but I don't know if it's a waste of time. And I'm with Grant on the popcorn :-)

Billie said...

Would you mind contacting me offline? I have some questions about living there....or would just love some opinions in general. it's that time for us again :-)

email is

Thank you!