Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love to write. Next weekend I will talk with people about the value of writing practice and journaling. So I may use this space to practice some of my ideas. My creative writing students begin workshopping poetry this week. I must say: I love teaching creative writing. I get to write alongside. I get to try some of the forms again (again again) and try to generate a few new phrases or ideas.

I don't get bored. Sometimes I would get bored mid-Gatsby or something because Tom and Daisy never ever figure it out at the end. But teaching writing, writing alongside: near impossible to get bored.

The following is a try at terza rima. Not too intimidating, but enough of a form to make you work a bit. I wrote it during a class exercise and was thinking about something I said to my students before we began. I used that as my first line:

don't worry about being brilliant
write it down work it out leave it on the page
understand the corner of your mind called migrant

let her wander live another page
allow her games of twists and turns; pretend
you get it. call her sloppy words sage

your reward is a notebook of no end
words in margins at the edge of your next thought,
interrupting with three lines burned

on you tongue: you ought
to get it down on a page a scrap your palm
ink it let it   sit   until she has bought

your undivided attention; then you write long
lines in quiet loud shallow deep places.
she feeds you line after line until leaving at dawn

So I had fun with this. I typed it pretty much as is in my notebook but will likely play around with capital letters, punctuation, and sound. I get really excited about longs poems like sestinas because you can go on and on and on. But I also appreciate the economy of poetry and should probably cut some words for this. When I revise, I'll bring this back to you.

I have a writing blog that even fewer people read, so I'm posting this here. I should revive the writing blog and have that as the place for things like this, and keep here as the place for things like my long thoughts and short whines. Or short thoughts and long whines! Regardless, I encourage you to write a bit of poetry today.

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Kristine (a/k/a Mouse) said...

Love this! I'm just over halfway through NaNo, word wise, and way do not have enough month left! I may finish yet, not sure. But this definitely encouraged me to keep on writing! You too!!