Friday, November 18, 2011

arab autumn?

A few weeks ago I read about a protest here that demanded to know what certain members of this government did with a lot of money. Rumors of secret accounts, bribes and personal use of government funds that could be otherwise used to improve (or just provide) infrastructure or schooling or other services. When you are talking about billions of dollars, you don't have to pick just one thing to improve. That particular protest didn't recieve much international attention, though people in the region likely noticed. I read about it in local papers and wondered if something would catch but didn't think it likely. That's because I'm snarky about how much apathy money can buy. Truth: corruption is corruption. And good for the few here who are calling on their government to clean up their house.

So this week, there was another protest that did wake up the press. You can read about it here in a BBC News article and here in a Kuwait Times article.

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