Thursday, October 20, 2011

ten minutes

I give myself ten minute chunks to do a lot of things: go online, type an email, clean. Ten minutes of cleaning, when you know that's it, is so so manageable. So here are ten minutes of blogging:

We are in Kuwait. I started teaching part-time, on campus every other day. I really enjoy my classes and my students. The challenge is that I'm "on" at school and then "on" at home. I think that if I taught full time or was at home full time, there would be enough down days to come along. Like, not every day at work would be super busy and not every day at home would be packed.

Watch for further thinking about that!

Grant is one! Claire is three! I am sleeping at night! Justin and I are back to our insanely early wake time: we get up around quarter to four. He bikes, I run. I do think about Someday. As in, Someday early will return to five in the morning and that will feel virtuous enough.

I drink a lot of espresso. Lattes and mochas. I have learned to make each but still go to Caribou. I go to Caribou more for a table to myself, reading and writing, than for the coffee. But the coffee helps.

You know what, though: my life is more than sneaking away for a coffee and an hour alone. My time is up, and I don't have the right words to explain any of this, but Kuwait has been an oasis in many ways. I never thought a desert place would see me deciding how to be alive.


Joie said...

Hey there! You need to take that last two sentences and and give that topic a proper blog space of it's own- I'd love to read more about what you mean by that- it's a refreshing topic that sounds like you might encourage me if you expand upon it! :) Thanks for writing - it's always great to read what you write. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joie.
Love you, Sweet Girl.

Billie said...

I also agree with Joie!