Saturday, April 16, 2011


I will post pictures within the next couple of days, but must say: we really enjoyed Jordan. Justin planned the vacation a few months ago and I balked at the idea of carting two little ones around a country, hopping from one place to the next for a week. I balked a lot. Balked is a nice way of saying: whined.

When I realized that balking was not going to get me out of the trip - and that Justin wasn't going to take Claire and Grant by himself - I decided I should pack. I got out a big suitcase the day before our flight and counted out about forty pairs of pants and underwear for Claire (a wee bit accident prone, ha ha) and two pairs of pants for Grant. That's right. Two pairs of long pants, one with cute puppy dog faces on the feet (excellent since they kept him from eating his socks and also quickly transitioned into pajamas!).

I forgot a lot and could probably write an ironic poem titled What I Didn't Pack for Jordan, but what is a sink for, if not washing underthings to dry in the rear window of your rental car so they're ready for tomorrow?

And we weren't the only one with kids on the road! We saw a handful of families with young ones as we toured from Madaba to Petra to Wadi Rum. At Petra I met a couple - she Italian, he German - with their eight month old son. "I thought we were the only ones!" I said in greeting. And you know, people are really nice about toddlers and babies. Once I settled into This Is My Life and decided to enjoy the limits of exploring a country with a baby strapped to your front, I found much good.

So much is about contentment, right?

And while we enjoyed our week away, even daydreaming a move to such a culturally and historically rich country, I was really glad to come home. Claire's school hosted an Easter egg hunt today and one of her teachers told me sometimes you don't realize you need to get away until you're away. And it's true. I'm glad Justin took the time to plan our week away. We needed it.

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Anonymous said...

I love all of your pictures. We are really looking forward to seeing you soon! Michelle Siedschlag