Wednesday, March 9, 2011

using my 30 minutes wisely : )

Our friend Erin has a talented mom named Nan. She made these quilts for the little ones when Grant was born and I finally got around to taking a picture of them!


Anonymous said...

My neice and nephew are so cute! so are those beautiful quilts!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, Sarah :) I can't wait for James to meet them! Hey, I can't wait to see Claire again and meet Grant!!


Angela and David said...

They are just adorable. If you are ever looking for blog topics, I'd be curious about what it's like living in Kuwait with all that's going on in that region. You are certainly near history in the making, whether for better or worse, and maybe you don't feel it's impact, but I'm curious if you do. And here I am asking for posts when you've just said you are limiting your online time. I know, I'm very selfish.