Sunday, March 6, 2011

march's post: online time

This may be it.

I am becoming one of those bloggers who let their blogs hang for weeks. Sometimes I feel bad about that. Worse, I might become one of those bloggers who apologizes for her absence. I'd really rather not. It seems too assuming.

So. I'm limiting my online time. This is born of necessity but more so of desire. I like to catch up on a few blogs and do that once a week or so. I do read the news daily (usually). I check email two or three times a day but could probably cut that to once since most of my inbox is promotions from Backcountry or Rogan's Shoes and I haven't ordered from either in years.

The necessity part: Two children. That's it. Also, one husband. Also, cooking and baking. Also, I still enjoy writing and am working on completing short essays for submission.

The desire part: I am being more conscientious about what I feed my mind. There is too much junk in this world. I get sucked into worries that aren't mine. I find it is easier to be content if you spend more time with what you have than looking at what you don't have. (Shout out to Facebook).

I think the Great Online is robbing people of living. That sounds so dramatic. But I doubt I am alone in this thought, that screen time takes something away from me.

I love the Great Online. I love that I can email family and friends and see pictures of babies I get to meet soon. I love that I can Google a word I don't know, or find out what is happening in my home state. I love that I can order stuff without leaving my apartment. (And that my Mom will ever so kindly pack it and ship it to me).

But there's a limit. I've been thinking about what my limit is. And here it is: thirty minutes a day. I am going to try this for one week. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't you read my post yet ?
[Love, Dad]

Good post. Now I am trying something different, which is to be online, do definite things, then get off. Almost the same idea, but not quite.
again, Love to you.


N.D. said...

"I think the Great Online is robbing people of living."
I totally agree. Though a lot of time I find my recipes and savings in coupons online, it is definitely a time suck.
hope you are well.

Sergio en Colombia said...

you don't have to write anything, sarah! (although your writing is great and i love it!) just post pics of those adorable kids during those thirty minutes and all will be good! ;)

Kristine (a/k/a Mouse) said...

I have been pondering a similar thought. Although I agree that the Great Online is robbing people of living my thought focused more on facebook specifically and how it creates a false sense of connection and community. How I am going through a hard time right now, and maybe I post something and maybe half myfriends see it and maybe 1/10 of them pray for me .... but no one comments and I continue to feel alone. How I do the same in reverse. I see a post about how cute someone's kid is and maybe I even "like" that post, but that isn't really edifying her or building her up, that's just agreeing that her kid is cute. Haven't reached any conclusions yet, but it'll get blogged about if I do! :)

jsmarslender said...

I hear you Kristine! FB is such a sham in some ways, if you're looking for it to actully be community. I think it's great for some things, terrible for others. I'm still kinda wandering through my own ideas - reaching soft conclusions : ) - but I'm glad to be giving this experiment a try. Perhaps I'll need a month to see if it really makes a difference in my day to day.

Stetson, EVERYONE wishes I'd post more pictures!

jessica said...

I like your 30-minute goal -- need to apply it myself. I'm struggling with the internet right now, looking to it for a sense of balance that I fully realize can't be found online!

Anonymous said...

I view the Great Online (love the tag!) as a necessary evil. I am easily frustrated with technology but where would I be without Skype and online pictures of my grandbabies?! Rollene