Friday, August 27, 2010

staying for the summer

Most of our friends said we were crazy to stay in Kuwait for the summer. We may have been, just a bit. But honestly, it wasn't bad. Staying put was good for us this year. When most expats are hot (ha ha) to leave, staying seems ridiculous. There is a mass exodus of Westerners heading west when schools let out for break, and then at the beginning of Ramadan, more people (Westerners and Kuwaitis alike) board planes to escape. So at the beginning of summer, while Justin was busy teaching remedial math and I was learning how to stay home with Claire, I was lonely.

I felt left out. I felt a little stranded and unsure what to do in this sandy land. And I quickly realized I had to stop wondering what I was missing in the States and just figure out how to enjoy what was before me in Kuwait.

Through a friend, I met two other women who were staying for the summer. And you know how it works when you meet someone and they introduce you to another and soon enough I was busy taking Claire to morning play groups or enjoying an afternoon coffee with a new friend. I took a step and began going to a play group hosted at a nearby Montessori school and through that group I met two other moms and we make up a weekly play group with a fourth mom and her son and baby daughter.

And then I decided to do something about wanting to understand and deepen my faith and so joined a moms' Bible study. The moms' part just means that no one faults you for bringing your toddler to romp about while you share and listen to different perspectives about the text you're studying. Because their toddlers and kids are also romping about.

Soon enough, I wasn't feeling left out at all. Instead I was seeing the shape my year at home with Claire and the new little one will take. My days won't be empty or listless. I have new friends outside of the school community. We have a weekly play group. I have a Bible study to attend. It's been a busy summer, learning new routines and meeting so many new friends. And that has made staying put in Kuwait worthwhile. Nevermind the one hundred and twenty degree heat. Or humidity.


Joanna Goodman said...

I'm glad that you have met some new friends to fill your days with some fun and adult interaction! James and I will start attending a baby group at the library mid September, I think that should be really good for us. All summer I have had a couple friends I get together with regularly, as well. I still feel a bit cooped up, but it's getting nicer out, and after the move James and I will take morning walks!! One of my good friends is really into Montessori, I'd love to hear your take on it. I think they have some great ideas, though we laugh about a few of the Montessori practices :)

Joie said...

I'm so glad to hear this and that Kuwait is becoming your own place in it's own way. It's a different season for you to be home now and I pray that it will be really wonderful and a lot of fun. So thankful with you for the friendships/study/play groups that God has brought your way and helped you to dive into. Keep up the good work