Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new due date

I am keeping track of weeks: currently thirty-three weeks, five days. Early on in the pregnancy, my doctor said I was due September 10. So that stuck in  my mind. I didn't sit down with the calendar and count my weeks. I just held September 10 as the due date.

Guess what?

By weeks, I'm actually due September 17. Had I figured this out, oh, I don't know, FIVE MONTHS AGO, it wouldn't seem like a big deal. Now, though. Hm. One week. One week. Just a change of date, not weeks. I know I've got six weeks (and two days) left, but that takes me to September 17, not the tenth as I'd kept in mind for months.

This baby has a chance at being born on his big sister's due date, the twenty-fifth of September. Or maybe he'll come a week early. Wouldn't that be sweet.

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Anonymous said...

look at it this way... he won't be as late as he might have been! love you! mom