Wednesday, August 18, 2010

food from where?

I just saw this NY Times article, "For Some Foods, You Just Had to Be There," and immediately thought about all the foods from different places I've visited - foods that are linked in my mind to a particular trip or time.

On our honeymoon, we drove through Pennsylvania and New York to get to Quebec before heading on to Ottawa. I think I ate a croissant with Nutella each morning while in Quebec. I might have eaten two croissants each morning. Right now I have dough for a dozen croissants waiting to be rolled and folded before baking tomorrow morning. Perhaps I'll go buy Nutella too.

Gather two or more Wisconsinites and we'll talk cheese. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with a friend and bought about forty dollars worth of cheese at Dean & DeLuca. Later I joked that I'm not a shoe girl or a bag girl - I'm a cheese girl. I am already looking forward to a couple of trips to local dairies next summer for squeaky cheese curds and cave aged Marisa.

And sometimes I find myself standing in the middle of the kitchen wanting a food that was in my fridge in Colombia. Avena drink. Or I wouldn't mind a walk to Carulla for a guayaba pastry. I'd like a jar of uchuva jam for my toast. And just to snack on lime Choclitos again. Mmm.

Since our visit to India at Christmas, I've been asking around for Indian restaurant recommendations here. I want paneer and naan bread. A whole pile of naan to sop up a curry.

Makes me wonder what tastes I'll take from our time here in the Middle East. And what tastes I've yet to meet elsewhere. Actually makes me quite grateful to enjoy eating and taste, the privilege of eating a variety of foods.


Sergio en Colombia said...

i love this post.

Anonymous said...

even people in the states crave wisconsin cheese! i'll be taking some to vickie...

Clare said...

so true. i traveled a lot with my family as a kid, and even though i was (and am) NOT an adventurous eater, some places i do remember just because i ate something unique and yummy.

John Winters said...

You really learn to keep an open mind about food when you're living the expatriate experience.

Another thing: I never knew Swiss Cheese was called Emmenthal Cheese until I hit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Live and learn!