Sunday, June 27, 2010

running into third trimester

Running during this pregnancy is going well. During my first pregnancy, I made myself get out and run, keeping close to my pre-pregnancy miles through the first trimester but dropping my speed significantly. This time, I cut miles and maintained speed during the first trimester and picked up a few more miles during second trimester while slowing the pace just a bit.

I kept to eight minute (or just under) miles for most of first trimester, sometimes throwing in a few fast days. Second trimester saw 8:20s become 8:30s, and I'm still most comfortable running around an 8:35 mile. I am hoping to finish running through pregnancy without going too far over a ten minute mile.

Weekly mileage is still thirty to forty miles. I actually keep track of my runs in kilometers since that's the measure on my treadmill. A regular daily run is 13k, which converts to just a smidge over eight miles. Once a week I aim for a 14.5k run, or nine miles. I am learning to be okay with shorter distances - I don't know why I have an issue running under seven miles, but today I ran 10k. I was tempted to tack on an extra one and a half kilometers to round out a seven mile run, but decided: let's be rational. 10k felt good, leave it at that.

In fact, running feels good! During my first pregnancy, I experienced much more pain in my hips and groin during a run, with general achiness after. Perhaps by not suddenly dropping my speed this time, I kept an efficient stride. I had some hip and groin aches early in the second trimester, but I haven't had much discomfort since - even my lower abs are still feeling strong.

Because I usually feel good during a run, it is just a matter of talking myself onto the treadmill. Really, somedays it seems ridiculous that I'm still running. I look at my belly where I used to see feet, I feel the baby shift his weight, I know I will only get slower and heavier. But when I'm in the middle of a run, breathing even, and my feet are landing right: I am coordinated and strong, content to check in with the parts of my body, pleased that I am still able to run.

Sometimes while I am running, I do not feel the limits of pregnancy at all. I remind myself to run tall. My baby belly which makes eating, sitting and bending over to help Claire with her shoes a challenge; my baby belly which makes rolling over in bed a sport - that belly doesn't yet bother me on a run.

I know it will. I am twenty-eight weeks pregnant and in a few short weeks, this boy will be packing on his weight, getting ready to be born. And I'll be slowing down, growing heavy and talking myself onto the treadmill.


Clare said...

awww, i remember those pregnant runs where i just felt NORMAL, not pregnant. weird, huh? but NICE!

N.D. said...

Wow you are doing awesome! So you are having a boy? With Nick (1st pregnancY) I could run all the way to the end. But - not as fast as you - you are speedy and amazing for keeping up your mileage. This time, I stopped at 34 weeks - It was uncomfortable and I was running so slow that it was even ridiculous!! Congrats - keep it up!