Thursday, June 24, 2010

pt chronicles: part two

Potty training woes no more. I just hid the underwear from Claire. She gets up, she sits on the toilet reading and chatting, and we head to breakfast. She continues to talk about the potty, mostly saying "Poop! Poop!" and even though I explain wet and pee, it's all poop right now.

Important thing is that I am not going nuts, and that she and I are leaving the apartment. The bathroom is like this background music in our lives right now - it's there and sometimes we stop to hum along. (Terrible analogy perhaps. But it's better than the bathroom being the gong that rings every half hour). I am not watching the clock. Claire comes to me if she needs a change and she is beginning to realize when she has to go before she goes.

Like tonight during bathtime, she stands up and pats her bottom and says, "Poop?" so I set her on the toilet and we read and chat. She gets tired of waiting and returns to the tub only to pause in her splashing to again sit on the toilet. And she pooped! Then she leaned waaay too far into the toilet bowl to look at what Mama was so happy about. Later she was running around - naked time - stopped, announced "Poop" with some authority this time and so we walked fast back to the bathroom and she almost made it! Peed at the door. I set her down on the toilet to finish and we got all excited about that.

So we'll see what happens next. Thank you thank you thank you for telling me to relax about all of this. Claire might be potty trained in a couple of weeks or it might be another month or so before she's dry during the day. Either way, I'm fine.

Think she'll mind that I blogged this? I don't think I've said poop so much in my life as in these past couple of weeks.

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Clare said...

i've enjoyed reading this!! :) who'd have thought poop would be so much fun?