Saturday, June 26, 2010

it isn't me, honey, it's kuwait

Parts of Kuwait literally stink. Eau de Oil Refinery. Sometimes, driving toward the refineries, you can see great flames shimmering orange against the white sky. When I first saw that, I thought an apartment building was burning. It was just the gas.

Gas. (Segue here).

We'll be driving around and the air will suddenly stink. "Justin, did you just -" I'll say and before I can finish he says, "No, I didn't fart."

So I've quit asking.

That's what Kuwait smells like sometimes. Like a big fart. And then you'll be through the bad air. I still do not understand exactly why Kuwait smells like this, pockets of noxious gas that make you think of guys sitting around in hunting cabins after a supper of beans and beer.

The one advantage I can think of to living in such a spontaneously stinky country is that you could fart in a closed car and blame it on Kuwait. No one would know.

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