Tuesday, June 15, 2010

in the heat

Today's BBC forecast for Kuwait is 51degrees Celsius. That is 124 degrees Fahrenheit. I hesitated before deciding to go ahead and make that conversion. Knowledge is not always power. Right now it sounds nicer to say fifty-one and think Wow, that's hot without knowing just how hot.

Yesterday Claire and I went grocery shopping. We get out into the morning heat and she pinks up, tugs at her shirt and looks at me, "Hot. Hot." Once at the Sultan Center, we stand in front of the cool cool air conditioned meat counter and drink water. Claire is a champion water drinker. Back from our errand, her head is damp with sweat and her hair dries in curls.

I am seeing swollen ankles in my future.

Inside, our apartment is comfortable. We get morning sun and keep our drapes closed until midmorning. Our air conditioners can keep up. The other side of the building isn't so fortunate. The afternoon sun is hotter, merciless, and their air conditioners struggle to keep the indoor temperatures in the low thirties (in the 80 or 90 degree Fahrenheit range). There are men securing themselves with ropes tied to our stairway banisters, hanging out hallway windows, fixing AC units all day long.

Since we cannot walk comfortably in the heat, Justin and I will probably start our Mall Routine today or tomorrow. Just heading to a mall - any mall - and walking around in the ice air. Claire has a baby doll stroller she likes to push, drag, or carry. The alternative to wandering a mall is laying on a couch. Somedays that will be the better alternative.

I think of this summer as my Wisconsin winter. Winters keep people inside. In Wisconsin, the winter days are short; the dark and the bitter cold and the wind and the crummy roads say: Watch Oprah. Skip your run. Here, you look outside at a blinding sun, the Gulf a beautiful silver and it looks like it should be perfect summer, but it is just hot hot hot. And we're here for it. Our hot winter.


Anonymous said...

63. Fahrenheit. Gray gray gray. And a hot cuppa. What a world!

Joanna Goodman said...

That's how I feel about Texas, I cannot imagine 124 degrees!! I love that little phrase, "our hot winter" :) Hang in there, at least you have great malls! :)

Clare said...

i would not do well living there! but like you said either extreme is tough. we don't have AC and those few hot, humid days in the summer i do the mall thing too.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is. No place is perfect,although Hawaii comes pretty close :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I do not envy you being pregnant in that heat. I love, love, love being hot but I think those temps are even too much for me.