Thursday, May 13, 2010

what i need

I was listening to a 60 Minutes broadcast during my run this morning and Andy Rooney started his weekly rant. I usually skip him because I can only take so much rant about the postal service or unemployment or whatever. But he said something about how we eat even though we aren't hungry and we buy even though we don't need and so I listened. He wondered if we could create a pill that would deaden want want want.

Lately, I've found myself if situations where I stop: want or need? A friend of mine is leaving Kuwait and selling an armchair and ottoman and I want that furniture because it's fat and comfortable. But it's also expensive and I don't need it. With the school year ending and teachers moving, there is a scramble to buy and sell and I am trying not to get too caught up in the want want want.

Today I started running through a list of my recent wants: new Birkenstocks, half the stuff still packed in my parents' basement, M&Ms and Reece's Peanut Butter Cups (here but expensive and gone too quickly from my cupboard); new running shoes, more color on the apartment walls, new dishes, a pizza cutter, a French rolling pin and a pastry board, a nice dining set, more plants for our space.

And yet, I live. I'm learning to wait for the first want impulse to pass. Then I decide.


jessica said...

I can't tell you the number of times in the past 3 years I've struggled through a month without something, but then make it two, three, six months... Before I know it, we've gone a year without and I feel like a fool for ever thinking I needed it.

My weaknesses are super deals though. If my current furniture obsession pops up on craigslist for a steal, then you better bet the grocery list is getting cut this week :)

DC Running Mama said...

Want vs. need is VERY difficult. I'm struggling w/ lots of WANT WANT WANT right now. I think I'm trying to convince myself that I would be happier with perfectly put together outfits. Sigh. I usually wait for the impulse to pass, but it usually comes back my craving for CHOCOLATE or ICECREAM.

Sergio en Colombia said...

andy rooney is ridiculous. i like to think he knows this.