Wednesday, April 28, 2010

halfway (i hope)

Twenty weeks today. After school, I laid on the bed, palm on belly and felt Boy kick. I called Justin in and he felt the baby kick too. Claire was interested in my belly for two seconds; then she was interested in sitting on my belly.

I am feeling good. Mostly. Still running - managing between thirty and forty miles a week at a good pace, between eight and eight and a half minutes breathing easy. Very happy to be running with little discomfort: I am paying close attention to my posture and stride and I think that helps. If I am consistent about stretching, my legs are happy.

Right now I have an odd stitch in my side. When I breathe deeply, I can pinpoint a pinch in my upper right ribcage, just below my armpit. The pain isn't across my chest, just in this one tiny area the size of my thumbprint. For three days now, I've been waiting for it to disappear, reaching my arms up and stretching the length of my side.

I am not a hypochonriac. (I was much relieved to read an article by a hypochondriac and realize that I was not nearly so wild as he with my self-diagnosis). Nevertheless, Google feeds my worry that this little pinch is just the beginning of some rare illness and that I'll spend the next seven months seeing specialists who shake their heads. I type in "upper rib cage pain" or "side rib cage pain" and learn that I could have osteoporosis, arthritis, pleurisy (which can be caused by pneumonia or tuberculosis), or gallstones. Great. I just spent all of March and early April coughing up my lungs and stashing kleenex in every pocket; I don't need May to be My Month of Imaginary Diseases.

I need May to be My Month of Holding It Together Until the End of School.

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Angela and David Kidd said...

I'm no doctor (or nurse or shoot, even candy stripper) but my guess is with the stretching and loosening of all of your ligaments that come with pregnancy, you've just managed to pull something.

Good luck holding it together next month!