Thursday, April 8, 2010

dubai & spring

Easter morning, celebrated after we returned from Dubai. Nothing quite like a chocolate fix before breakfast.
On our trip to Dubai, Claire loved (loved!) to help push the suitcases. She was a trooper, walking much of the time.
Claire and Papa in Kuwait, on a walk we've recently discovered. The taxi drops us off a ways from the grocery store, and we walk a path along the Gulf. Sometimes Claire is put off that we don't let her run wild in the sand and water.
Our high school NHS put together an Easter party for teachers' kids. This is the egg Claire found. She opened it and immediately stuffed the foil wrapped chocolates in her mouth. She lived. (Plastic Easter eggs are in short supply here - small wonder - so we recycled her lone purple egg for her basket from us).
Claire at the cookie decorating table at the Easter party. Frosting and mini M&Ms. Banner day. Sugar high, sugar crash.
Why we went to Dubai. I was feeling miserable this entire trip - head and chest cold - so I didn't care that we did little except spend Claire's naptime in a bookstore. I think we'll go back in January - there's a 10k/marathon and we'll make it a long weekend, actually enjoy more of the city.
This is a sign in the Mall of the Emirates. Translated, it asks people to dress modestly, keeping shoulders and knees covered. Funny because what Justin and I both noticed first when we walked into the mall were all the shoulders and knees! A bit of culture shock after Kuwait's more conservative public dress.


Anonymous said...

Claire is so cute with all those curls!
Looks like you had a good easter.

The Laughing Mouse said...

oh my! When'd she get SO BIG!!! She is beyond adorable!!! And, by the way, been meaning to tell you, love the shorter hair!!!

Sergio en Colombia said...

the first picture is cute i might puke; she is SO big! and the one with justin is GREAT. that's definitely a graduation/wedding slideshow type photo.