Saturday, April 3, 2010

coming up: dubai

We are headed to Dubai for a couple of days. Short short trip to renew my visitor's visa (I have spared you all the lastest paperwork rant. Only this: the Ministry passed a new law which requires me to obtain a document stamped, kissed, and blessed by the U.S. Federal government if I want residency here. Justin, for the record, did not have this hassle). Anyway.

So, expats living in the Middle East flock to Dubai for long or short weekends for a few simple reasons: alcohol, pork, and shopping. Probably in that order. Sometimes these quick trips are called "whiskey weekends." Our two days will be less whiskey, more pork.

The thing is, I haven't felt like traveling since arriving in Kuwait. Visiting Nate and Joie and their two at Christmas was great, but we'd had that trip planned for awhile. Right now I don't feel like choosing a destination and flipping through guidebooks for things to do and see; I don't feel like spending hours looking for flights and hotels. I just feel like staying home. Leaving home means: a lot of work.

On Thursday, students and teachers were ready for break. I saw a few teachers haul their backpacks (headed for Egypt or Malaysia or Turkey!) on campus. I felt a little jealous and a little relieved. This is just a quieter time for our family. We aren't trekking all over and that's okay. We have a toddler who cannot sit still on a plane, and that's okay too. Soon enough, we'll add a little baby to mix, and we'll nest. By Christmas, I'll be ready for a trip. And I'll happily plan next year's spring break. But right now, two days in Dubai is enough.

The real reason we picked Dubai is for their selection of uncensored books and magazines. Friends have been offering restaurant and sightseeing suggestions, and I've been saying, "Well, we're actually going for the bookstores." Maybe we'll head back to Dubai over Thanksgiving break and see the aquarium and the gold and spice souks. I'd like to visit the souks especially. This time though, I want a fat chair in a bookstore.

And a plate of bacon.


Sergio en Colombia said...

who are you kidding, sarah; you'll end up in a spice souk, you know it! ;) have a GREAT time!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................