Tuesday, March 16, 2010

up all night

Last week, starting Sunday, I had restless sleep. Awake at one in the morning sleep. Wide awake. Like third trimester get ready for the baby! awake. Then I got sick, sick enough to ask Justin whether or not he remembered if we got TB vaccinations when we moved to Colombia. (What didn't we get vaccinated for!?) Finally, I decided to go to the clinic where the doctor scribbled something-bronchitis on a letter excusing me from school. Instead of laying in bed with wild, unspent energy, I was coughing and gagging the wee hours of the morning. After a night or two of this, I suggested Justin move to the couch.

(Well, I wasn't going to move to the couch, was I?)

So he's been sleeping and I've been coughing and sputtering and snotting all over the place. After staying home (sleepless zombie with an itchy throat, watching too much tv and eating fish fillet sandwiches with lots and lots of pickles) on Wednesday and Thursday last week, I returned to school this week. I've only had one horrible coughing fit during class, but I've spent more time bent over the garbage can gagging until my eyes water than I really needed to.

(Number of times average person needs to bend over a garbage can gagging until their eyes water: maybe once. Maybe. Just so you can sympathize.)

Amazingly, Justin and Claire are fine. Wow. Hearty stock, those two. And I'm finally getting better - down to four or five rounds of uncontrollable, body-shaking coughing a day.

As for sleepless nights, I found this series of posts in the NY Times called All-Nighters. Perhaps next time I can't find sleep, you'll find me in the kitchen. Uh, not coughing in the batter.


Anonymous said...

when i am up in the night, i work sudoku puzzles. it is quieter than baking and doesn't wake danny, who might want breakfast. i hate the puzzles that i can't complete because every empty square needs one of the same three numbers as all the other empty squares.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope you feel better. Bronchitis and throwing up - that is a pretty miserable combination. And now I'm craving a fish fillet sandwich with lots of pickles.

DC Running Mama said...

I hope you feel better soon. There's nothing worse than restless sleep...except maybe sleeping with someone that can't sleep.