Thursday, March 11, 2010

thursday litany: music!? while running!?

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my iPod shuffle through the wash. I now have a very cute little paperclip. I bought a new one, a third generation because the second generation wasn't available. It didn't work. I took it back. They gave me another, this one pink instead of blue. (I thought maybe changing the color would also help. I don't even really like pink that much). The pink one doesn't work either.

So I started typing in all these combinations into Google, trying to figure out what wasn't working why. (I now know how to uninstall and install device drivers). Then on the Sony Vaio site, I found this little blip about Apple iPod USBs not always being compatible because of their "unique" design. My third generation shuffle USB is ever so slightly shorter than the second generation USB. Hm. Maybe I'm seeing things. So I got a male/female USB extension to see if I could hook up the shuffle to my computer via that. Gak. Nope.

The entire time: Do you own your things or do your things own you?

I have spent hours - hours! - trying to get this tiny little pink brushed metallic thingy to eat my NPR show so I can listen to them on my morning runs. I've been listening to Justin's iPod instead. Sometimes I like the novelty of music on a treadmill run. An album I haven't listened to in awhile, an artist that reminds of another time when. But usually, I am not that great at listening just to music. I can't do a song on repeat. I can barely handle short songs at all while running. I like to know that by the time this BBC documentary is over, I'll be a third of the way through my run. I like to be learning something or laughing at Wait Wait or listening to a good interview and all of this one song after another is driving me nuts.

Yes, I do realize I am probably very much in the minority here.

So what to do now?

I'm gonna start erasing all the eighties billboard hits off Justin's iPod and load it up with NPR, that's what.

Edited to add: So on Thursday night, Justin went to hang out at our friends' place. He took my iPod shuffle along to see if it worked with one of their computers. Ian looked at it and jammed the charger connector end into the shuffle all the way. It worked. That. Was. It. Nothing wrong with the USB. Nothing wrong with my laptop. Feeling stupid was overridden by feeling relieved that my next morning run included Wait Wait and Fresh Air. I shoulda kept the blue one.


jessica said...

I don't listen to anything while running, but I do love This American Life for the bike trainer. I have a problem where the harder the bike effort though, the more likely I am to cry over the slightest maudlin story (and there's always at least one of those per episode), so I'm regularly sniffling and pedaling away!

Nate said...

You should get one of those big fancy iPods and you could watch movies while you run. That'd be sweet.

Angela and David Kidd said...

I only like music or nothing while I run, although honestly I've never tried listenting to a podcast so maybe I should give it a go. I love This American Life and Wait Wait. Right now NPR is in the midst of its fundraising which feels like it lasts FOREVER.