Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pregnant pants

Well, tomorrow I mark fifteen weeks. Twenty-five to go before we meet this little one. Okay, probably twenty-six until he or she makes an appearance. And after tomorrow's appointment, I'll know: he or she.

My parents mailed us a box of my maternity clothes and some clothes I'd set aside for Claire's bigger days. Since we aren't going home this summer to collect what we left, they were kind enough to ship it to us. Bella Bands! Yes! And none too soon.

After reading Salty's post about pregnancy weight gain, I was trying to remember and compare my first pregnancy with this. I don't keep close track of my weight - I don't remember my starting weight with Claire, but I do know I gained eighteen pounds that pregnancy because I checked total kg with my doctor, curious. (I'm bumping that to twenty pounds because I know I must have gained in the last week Claire decided she needed before she was born). I don't know how much I've gained this time around; I guess I'll find out tomorrow, if I want. What I do know is that my pants are tighter, and not just in the waist.

With Claire, I was very active. Running, walking. I ate well. My belly didn't show much until close to five months along. I wasn't too concerned about weight. This time, my first trimester coincided with me going back to work for a semester and my energy was sapped. As the first trimester progressed, I cut my miles because I couldn't find the drive to run more than every other day. In the afternoons, I was too tired to go on a walk to the store for orange juice or bananas; those trips became Justin and Claire's time together, and my chance to nap.

Second trimester has arrived and I'm much happier. I have the energy to run two or three days in a row now, though my afternoons are still an illustration of: beat, tired, wiped. I'm just not as physically active this time around.

So that means: my thighs and hips are fuller. My upper arms are softer. My belly isn't just baby. I remember when this happened when I was a freshman in college. I looked at my soft arms in the mirror and thought of Renaissance paintings and liked them. (Then I proceeded to gain thirty pounds of Chinese take-out and pizza delivery that weren't quite as romantic as those curvy naked ladies). So my soft arms are here again and I have to say, it's nicer to know it's a baby backing this gain and not a midnight order of cheese bread.

But, oh, that cheese bread. Doesn't that sound good?


Kelly G. said...

Topper's bread sticks... mmmm! Thanks for making me hungry :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

It does sound good! It sounds like you are doing great. Already 15 weeks! It seems like your pregnancy is flying by, but then again I'm not the one who is exhausted and carrying a baby.

jessica said...

I had forgotten about those midnight food orders until a year ago when I got tracked down by a debt collector looking for the $13.95 from a check I apparently bounced 10 years ago, but never knew about. All for an order of fettuccine and cheesy bread!

And I feel good to run two consecutive days without a pregnancy excuse, 3-in-a-row is super impressive!

Joanna Goodman said...

oh Sarah. you are so the pregnant woman that every woman only wishes she could live up to :)

I'm not even going to tell you how much I've gained, or how pitiful my exercise regimen looks next to yours :) And now that I'm almost done, I hope I did ok by the kid! I tried! I'm sure he'll turn out just fine, though he may like sweet treats a little more than he should...

DC Running Mama said...

Cheesy bread...yum....the first trimester is hard. Ifit makes you feel better, between my fear of losing the baby and exhaustion, I ran 0-20 miles a week the first trimester. Felt MUCH better the 2nd trimester!

jsmarslender said...

Kelly - Next time I'm in Point, I'm ordering Toppers. With ranch sauce. I didn't know I liked ranch sauce until I dipped cheese bread in it! And to be safe, I'll pay cash, Jessica. : )

And yeah, this pregnancy is going fast. (Time will stand still sometime mid-summer when the temps are 130). I think I'm less rigid about my exercise this time, allowing myself to relax a bit rather than feeling compelled to log as many miles as with Claire. Since my energy is up now, I'm taking what I can and enjoying it. Makes such a difference to be done with that first trimester!

And Jo - You've done more than okay by your baby! Can't wait to meet him. : )