Tuesday, March 30, 2010

doulas and doctors

A friend of mine here is also pregnant and sharing the same concerns as I regarding doctors. For her, it's a first pregnancy, but she is well read in birth and midwifery and knows that she wants a natural birth. We've been comparing doctors - running into similar vibes, at the same hospital - and talking about options we have.

She has been very encouraging to me, as have your comments on my previous doula post. With my first pregnancy, I did seek to switch doctors. At my consultation with the new doctor, I learned that he and my current doctor were good friends. "Dr. A is a very capable man," the doctor told me. And capable he was - but that didn't change the fact that I was only the second unmedicated birth Dr. A attended in his decade long career. I don't think he knew what to expect. At all.

So this time around, I'm thinking: make a switch. Do it now. Don't worry about Dr. S. He'll fill his appointments. There is a difference between shrugging your shoulders Sure, go ahead and have your baby your way and actually being supportive.

Finding a doctor who is willing to navigate a natural birth will be difficult. (Why is that, anyway?) But I will start calling hospitals and doctors and asking for recommendations. Spring break project.

I did find a woman who is willing to be my doula. She was a practicing midwife in Lebanon and misses that. Her primary concern right now is childcare for her school-age children if I give birth outside of the school day. So she hesitates to commit to being there for the birth, but wants to help me prepare throughout pregnancy. I'll be talking with her again about childcare options, and with the hospital regarding their policy of allowing birthing mothers only one other person in delivery.

That's where I am. I'll keep you posted.

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Joanna Goodman said...

I'm proud of you for seeking a new doctor. I thought of that a long time ago but didn't do anything about it. I do feel like my doctor is more supportive than your Dr. S, just comes at birth from a different perspective. But she is supporting my decision to do this naturally, especially recently. Next time, however, I will more diligently review my choices, search for someone who looks at birth from a more natural perspective... So, I've learned something, but I am also interested to see how birth will go with her (or if she will even be there! I hope she will)...