Monday, March 29, 2010


I have a countdown until the end of the semester: ten weeks, after this one, and including our spring break.

And a countdown until spring break: three days now that school is out for today.

Justin and I counted down to our wedding day; it seemed we stayed in the nineties and eighties forever. Then we counted down our departure for Colombia. We couldn't totally countdown for Claire's arrival but I did start counting up after her due date came and went. I didn't count the days remaining in Colombia, because that made me sad. Justin kept track of our time before arriving in Kuwait, and then our trip to India, announcing the number at dinner.

There is always something to countdown. Days until vacation, months before the baby is born, minutes left of a meeting. Sometimes I wish I could be more surprised, forget to mark this week off the calendar and then the next couple until: wow, only seven weeks of the semester! Why, that's only another thirty-five days of getting up at quarter to four! Excellent! But I mark the days and months, staring blankly at the dayplanner I forget to use. I flip pages looking for the next thing to countdown.

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