Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pregnancy comparison & contrast

I woke up from a dream and knew I was pregnant with Claire. I just didn't know she was Claire yet. I took three pregnancy tests, until my doctor confirmed that, yes, I was pregnant; he told me to quit wasting my money. I'd just wanted to be sure. This time, I didn't have a dream or wake up sensing a shift in my body. I didn't think pregnant until I was already a few days late and then I thought of course! Two pregnancy tests this time, scrutinized: the plus on the cheap brand was just barely there so I went ahead and bought another at full price. Yup, pregnant.

Already, I was starting the pregnancy with a different body: one that had been there before. Meaning: knew what it was to be stretched. Only nine weeks along and my belly shows the littlest baby pooch. Which means that by May, everyone will be shocked when I say the baby isn't due until September. My mornings, as with Claire, are by far the best. I can eat and run and have energy enough; by afternoon and evening, I'm scraping the barrel.

I'm still running, though not quite as much as with Claire. I'm getting forty to forty-five miles in a week and am pleased with that! My pace is slowed a little - just me being conscious of my breathing and making sure not to stress my system. I run in the early mornings before school, which means I'm in bed by quarter to eight at night.

Sooo tired! I was tired with Claire, but then I wasn't coming home to a busy sixteen month girl. I was coming home to an empty apartment with my husband and he understood if I just wanted to lay on the couch and not do anything. Claire isn't so accommodating and I don't blame her. We come home after a day of school and she's got things to tell us, laps to climb, books to read. Justin is kind enough to let me nap if I need a short rest - I don't remember needing naps so often when I was pregnant with Claire, even though I was also teaching then.

Nauseated. Ick. Because I get up early (four in the morning) to run, shower and be out the door by six each morning, I am starving by nine in the morning. This is after a full breakfast - two bowls of cereal some mornings and orange juice - and a post-run snack (even if I don't run!) of hot cocoa and a banana. Still, nine a.m. and I am banging at the cafeteria door for lemon salted corn (surprisingly mmm) or a cheese bread (I still keep getting the Arabic name wrong).

I've learned to fill my belly during my morning break because by lunchtime, it is all I can do to eat half a sliced apple. Fruits and veggies are unappealing. I was like that with Claire too - carrots tasted like dirt and broccoli, well, broccoli can be overwhelming when you aren't pregnant. So I eat my mid-morning lunch and suffer through the real lunch and feel pukey by the end of school. Soda water helps. The bumpy bus ride home does not.

Dinner is - dinner is a lot of things right now. a) Unimaginative b) Standby pasta c) Steamed frozen veggies. Oh, it pains me. It really does. Sometimes we order a pizza and even that isn't good. We've started buying meals from a chef who lives in our building and his cooking is amazing, but I'm looking forward to really enjoying it. (Perhaps I need to eat his meals at nine o'clock in the morning?)

So right now, most everything I eat after one o'clock is followed by a gaggy feeling. But I don't throw up. I didn't throw up with Claire either. I gag a lot, to myself. I scrunch my face at icky smells. Sometimes I suspect Justin doesn't believe my stomach. Since I'm eating, I must be okay, right? I'm eating so I don't pass out, so I can continue running, and so the baby gets something, even if it is leftover cold cheese pizza. (Ick). I think Justin might get it if I barfed on him. Last night he was eating these delicious/noxious Lay's Yogurt and Herbs potato chips and then talking to me and his breath was wafting and I said, "Please. Please stop." And he looked at me and said, "What?" all chewing and breathing and I thought: If I could just hurl on his shoes, he'd really believe me. Instead I left the room, brushed my teeth gagging.

So that's my pregnancy so far. Quite similar to the first. I'm waiting for second trimester's burst of energy, but enjoying first trimester's bladder. Now for my nap.


Sergio en Colombia said...

just showed the "miracle of life" in bio. some girls asked about pain meds and birthing and i thought of you. stay strong!

DC Running Mama said...

Man, oh, man. I don't know how you get up at 4 am! You are a beast! As for the gagging, yuck...I hate that! I hope that you can find something tasty. I remember I lived on grilled cheese, PB & J, cereal, and mac'n'cheese with Nathan. Any sense of sex? Weird dreams?

Angela and David Kidd said...

You are a machine running 40+ miles a week in the first trimester. I remember barely having the energy to get myself on the elliptical at that point. At least the second trimester is near!

Joanna Goodman said...

first of all, I agree: you are a machine! I would love to be half the runner you are! I am going to get a treadmill this spring/summer so I can get back to it, hoping to train for a half marathon in the fall. you started it all :)

As for the extra stretchy thing, makes me already wonder how I will look in my second pregnancy. This time around I have had comments recently about how ready I am to have the baby, how I must be ready to pop any day now! I smile calmly and say, "nope, I actually have two more months left" smile again.

jsmarslender said...

Well, getting up at 4am isn't too wild when you're going to bed around seven-thirty or eight. And since my mornings are more energetic, I do get a good eight or nine mile run, albeit a slower pace than before (around 8:30 miles, which is totally fine with me; I know I'll get slower soon). I think I need to cut miles back a bit, for the sake of later day energy. And, Jo, I spent the last month of my pregnancy smiling at all the, "Any day now!" comments.

jessica said...

I'm so impressed that you're able to get up and about at 4, early bedtime or not! I remember trying to get up to swim and it was like my willpower was just squashed by the nausea.

I'm a little torn that we're probably set with our two kids, then I read something like this and am suddenly 100% happy to never be pregnant again!