Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mixed bag

So I've taught four days now. All is well. It's busy, but I knew it would be. The students are responding to the abrupt change well and I think the classes will each be enjoyable.

I miss Claire though, and I knew I would. I get home in the afternoon and crash while Justin takes her for a walk or out to play. Then I pull together dinner and sit at the table sad that I have no appetite for anything. I eat but I don't enjoy eating right now, especially later in the day. Then we've got the bath and bed routine and half an hour after Claire is down, I'm down.

In the early mornings, I stand over her crib and whisper love, sometimes pick her up for a quick snuggle, and then I'm out the door.

Though I can manage this schedule for a semester, and though I actually do enjoy teaching here, I don't think I was made to mama a short three or four hours a day.


Clare said...

mornings are tough when you leave when they're still sleeping!! you're lucky to be able to mix working in with not working...i think it would make me appreciate them both more!

DC Running Mama said...

I can't imagine leaving before my little guy was awake. It kills me most on the mornings when I get 10-15 minutes with him and most of this during changing/eating. Re: mileage: Hey Sarah--B/c I have a flexible schedule, getting in the miles is easier. Track and tempo runs are 6:15-7:30/7:45 at the track. The rest of the week-day runs are usually starting at 5:45/6:00 to be home by 7:15 so hubby can leave for work. Occassionally, if I am feeling really exhausted, I will sleep in and take Nathan to daycare early and run before I go in. I'm really lucky, I know. :> You're doing GREAT mileage for a 1st trimester preggo!