Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good things

So you don't think I'm going over the edge:

1. I really enjoyed this week's episode of This American Life. Producers of the radio show asked their parents for show ideas and then made a segment out of whatever idea they were pitched. Would you ask your parents for an idea if you knew you had to do it?

2. Good run this morning. I cut my usual runs to eight miles, my old magic number for everyday runs until Mr. Nine took over. It's just enough shorter: I still run for a little over an hour, but I'm not spending the last ten minutes going When will this be over!? Soon enough, my daily run will be seven. Seven is a nice number.

3. Claire is endlessly entertaining. At night before bed, she gets a sippy cup of milk and lately, she's been sharing her milk with Bear. She makes little slurp noises while Bear drinks his goodnight milk. Justin and I absolutely melt over this. She also shares with us, points fingers in our eyes, and grabs our noses. We're learning face parts!

4. My parents took a little minibreak with my younger siblings and I've been spending this week excited to hear about the adventures! Things like this make me wish I could climb in the family van and hang out at an indoor waterpark, staying up late watching Gilligan's Island or Cartoon Network.

5. Class size. I have never been so grateful for small classes! I teach three sections of students, alternating Literature and Language by A/B days. Two of my classes have fourteen students and one has thirteen. Perfect for discussion. Perfect for manageable paper grading (Lit Analysis due soon! Research paper due soon!). And I know their first names, even if I still hesitate on pronunciation and have given up on learning all the last names.

6. Swedish massage. We have a long weekend coming up at the end of the month and I'm spending my sub money on an hour of loosened knots! I'd better make an appointment soon.

7. Another vanity: pedicures. I've been wearing shoes for three weeks now because my toes aren't so lovely anymore and I'm too lazy to take the iridescent blue polish off. (I was daring on my last visit to the salon). Tomorrow after school, a couple of friends and I are getting pedicures. Sandals soon, since the weather is turning warm.

Well, isn't this nice? I could actually keep listing good things. But seven is a solid, odd number and I'll stop there. Ah, I feel better.


DC Running Mama said...

Massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage. yum. There is nothing better. Except maybe a good pedicure. Every time I go I swear the ladies laugh at my fugly feet and I probably lose about 10 lbs in dead skin. Good job on the runnin!

Anonymous said...

we had a fabulous time at chula vista! (so glad you introduced us a few years ago) dad and danny floated down the lazy river and hung out at the tot pool while the other kids and i did the slides. so much more fun than the treadmill! couldn't find gilligan's island, so we watched the westminster dog show and olympic snowboarding and figure-skating. today i am de-junking. too much stuff in this house! love you, sweet girl! mom