Saturday, January 9, 2010

seven about sarah

Jessica posted this: listing seven things about yourself. And then she tagged her readers. I think I've made it through a total of two email forwards asking really telling questions about yourself (gift bag or gift wrap? dinner in or dinner out?) but this should be fun. I'll go for the little known seven things about Sarah.*

1. I wish I were one of those people who simply doesn't like chocolate. "Oh, I don't like chocolate much," someone will say to me, passing on the offered slice of cake, and I'll think yeah right. But there really are people who don't like chocolate much and as baffling as that is to me - a woman with chocolate kicks satisfied by homemade pudding or (this is the latest) Cadbury Shots or Chocettes - I sometimes wish I were one of them. Only sometimes. Because wouldn't it be nice to not be gripped by the absolute necessity of a bar of dark chocolate
2. I am starting to really hate eating meat. For a short time in college I was vegetarian. Well, lacto-ovo, meaning I ate dairy products and eggs. I don't think I adhered to vegetarianism on my occasional weekend visits home. When I started dating Justin and joining his family for dinners they served beef or chicken or pork all the time and I ate along. But lately, ick. Not sure what to do with this aversion and I know Justin (already used to most of our meals being meatless) would have a hard time accepting not even chicken. Dairy and eggs would have to stay though.
3. I still fantasize about becoming something well beyond reach: an Olympic athlete, a CIA spy, a fighter pilot (I don't want to fight, I just want to go really really fast), someone with amazing hair. I have always daydreamed and usually daydreamed big, elaborate plots I'd add onto each time I got lost in that land. I remember being about nine or ten and desperately wishing I had curly hair; I had this whole daydream about waking up and looking in the mirror and there it was! A head of curly hair, like kids in commercials. When it just didn't happen, I began my off and on relationship with bad perms.
4. I am very content. Most of the time.
5. When I glance in the mirror and see a glimpse of my Mom in my expression, or when I hear myself say something she might (calling Claire, "Sweet girl"), I am pleased.
6. I have grown up so much in the last two or three years and wish that I could pass this new wisdom on to my nineteen year old self. Since I cannot, I try to hear what my forty year old self is telling me now. I think my forty year old self is better yet and I'm looking forward to meeting her one day.
7. I am addicted to news podcasts on iTunes. I download a slew of 60 Minutes, BBC documentaries, Frontline, NPR's Fresh Air, To the Best of Our Knowledge, On Point, and Wait, Wait; I also listen to The Moth podcasts and This American Life. I listen while I run on the treadmill in the mornings. I also have this thing about finding long podcasts and fitting my listening selections so that I don't have half a program left at the end of my run. So I usually have to choose a forty or fifty minute show and pair that with a twenty minute documentary. Some mornings, a new podcast is the only reason I decide to run.

*Or so I think little known. You may very well know most of this already.


DC Running Mama said...

I'm obsessed with curly hair, too! I actually got a perm two years ago...perms are *much* different now. It was gone in 6 months, unlike the perms of my middle school years which lasted for YEARS and ended up looking like a electricuted poodle. As for people that don't like chocolate, they are definitely LYING. Hello?!

N.D. said...

Great 7 things. I am lacto-ovo, no fish, no meat, but I did vegan for about a year and was super super thin. That was so hard! I love chocolate!

jessica said...

right there with you on the unattainable goals -- I still think I could have been a killer Olympic speed skater (based on no experience whatsoever) or I'd be a really good billionaire trustee.

oh, I'd give anything for straight hair.

Anonymous said...

you know what, sweet girl? i love you more every year and i'm looking forward to meeting your forty-year-old self, too! i wonder what we'll think of my sixty-year old self?

The Chapples said...

I love these!!

I have been downloading This American Life to listen to also - made the mistake of listening to it in the car with my husband on a raod trip and he HATED it. How could you hate TAL??? Who is this man I married? :P

Clare said...

i like the idea of listening to my 40 year old self. what a cool thing it would be for real!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Very nice list (and so well written). I can relate so much to numbers 1-3. I still hold out hope I will go to the olympics for SOMETHING.