Saturday, January 30, 2010

in the works again

I'm headed back to teaching tomorrow. I'll be taking over a grade eleven American literature class after a teacher resigned mid-year. The good news is: I'll be starting at a fresh semester. Less good news is: it's a new school year in the middle of the year for both my students and me. I anticipate that the first week or two (okay, month) will be a lot of getting used to each other (my teaching and their learning styles), referring to my established discipline plan and class procedures (I am armed with a frightening load of organization this time), and testing boundaries and humor. As in, how many of my jokes and side comments will fall flat?

I think it should be okay. I went back and forth for a little while about accepting this position, but decided to after realizing a. it's for one semester, with no longer contract attached, b. my contract will literally double our savings potential this year since we can easily live on one salary here, which translates into c. less financially strapped travel opportunities for the next year. Also, d. I like American literature and, e. will enjoy being on campus again.

I will miss Claire durning the mornings - I love our mornings together - but by mid-June I'll be back at home full time to begin potty-training the little one. (Which will probably time out perfectly since I'll be into my third trimester and won't mind joining her every five minutes for a potty chat). Anyway, the mornings will be early since I do plan to maintain my running - though I'll likely cut miles for the sake of time during the weekdays - but I'll get home and rest for twenty or thirty minutes (door closed!) before tackling playtime, dinnertime, bedtime. So I think the four and a half months will be manageable.

When I accepted the job, I made a deal with Justin that we not travel during our spring break. I want that week to explore Kuwait (there are about three places here to see: should I see them all this year, or parcel them out? ha ha). He's a little grumpy about not getting to Jordan this spring, but I think he'll get over it. I suggested he and Claire make the trip to Petra while I stay home sleeping in and eating French toast, reading books on the couch and showering at noon.

So wish me well. I meet my new students tomorrow. We're beginning with two excellent texts, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston, and A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. I'm not there yet. I've still got Saturday lunch to make for a girl who's throwing a fit!


Angela and David Kidd said...

I think it's great you are going back. And I love Their Eyes Were Watching God. When we read that we actually went on a tour of the area that the book was about since it wasn't far from my high school. Hope being back in the classroom has gone well!

DC Running Mama said...

Petra is pretty amazing...just make sure you see it at some point!

Also--saw your post re: Claire's words and it made me feel SO much better! Nathan is really only saying dog and mama!