Wednesday, January 20, 2010

extra awesome

Yesterday afternoon three of us went for haircuts. In the cab on the way to the salon, someone said bloomin' onion and we all thought must have one now. After haircuts, Ellie had to leave for another appointment, but Amanda and I decided to go find a deep-fried onion.
was an immediate need. The cab driver took us to Chili's for an Awesome Blossom (extra awesome) to go. We sat in the back of the cab inhaling perfectly fried (not soggy with grease, but crisp and hot) onion strings with sauce. Okay, I inhaled. Amanda was a much neater eater.

Sooo good.

An hour later I felt absolutely horrible. Way too much of a good thing.* But it'd been so long since I'd recklessly ordered and consumed that much grease in one sitting, that even though I can't really fathom wanting another Awesome Blossom for years, it was utterly delicious shared in the back of a cab on the 30 home.

*Lesson learned for the fifty billionth time in my life.


Nate said...

* fun fact: that's more than fifty times per second for Sarah's whole life!

jsmarslender said...

: )

DC Running Mama said...

I'm not a grease person. I'm a sweets person. I overdo it WAY more than I like to admit and in the midst of my food coma and aching belly I ask myself WHY? WHY?! It made me feel better to read once that overdoing it on occassion is all part of a healthy diet. Perfection is not the goal.