Monday, November 30, 2009

last place first (next time)

In honor of Cyber Monday, a post about shopping.

Preface my Ode to Shopping with this newsflash: Kuwait gets cold. I packed one long sleeve shirt and one three-quarters length cardigan and four pairs of pants, two of them jeans, which severely limits my work wardrobe. Layering a denim jacket over oh, everything, only works so many times. Oh, and no proper shoes aside from running shoes and a very beat up, ugly pair of Borns that I love wearing but that match nothing. So the last couple of weeks, I've been freezing. I just looked up the current temperature here: 59 degrees F. For Wisconsin in March, quite welcome. Here, quite chilly. I am told it gets colder yet.

So Eid (holiday) arrived and I was ready for a trip to the mall. Another newsflash: Kuwait is made of malls. On Friday, I found a pair of shoes after two or three hours of walking the maze of mall, finally ending up at the store I knew (knew) I should have started at: Ecco.

Lately I've been purchasing with the idea that I want to own what I am buying (uh, food excluded) for awhile. So I take awhile to find what I really want. Weeks, months, hours. I ask around. I check online. I think about whether or not I really need it.

Sometimes it's difficult to justify purchasing another pair of shoes or a sweater when you have several of each in storage. In your parents' basement. Justin and I talked about that this weekend: how we are going to really enjoy living abroad. This is what we came up with: container. Instead of rebuying every single thing (pots & pans, dishes, ottoman, bookshelf, hand mirror, toaster oven, flower pots) at every single place, we'll start making our home here and when we decide to move - should it be to another country abroad or returning to the States, we'll pack it all in a container and have it shipped. It'll be expensive but ultimately cheaper than rebuying flatware and mixing bowls at each new home. Also, it'll lend some continuity to our homes.

Also, it'll be great fun to wait three months for our stuff to arrive. Paper plates for three months? Who doesn't want that!?

Anyway, after Friday's shoe expedition, Justin and I returned to the mall yesterday to find a pair of jeans for him and long sleeve shirts for me. I hope that is the last time for a long time that I go to a mall twice in the same weekend. (Although visiting the cheese counter at Dean & Deluca twice in one weekend was glorious). Justin's jeans: check. My shirts: Gap's favorite tee is no longer mine. What is up with the tight tee shirt tunics this year? If I was a praying mantis, it might work. Long torso, you know. Instead, exasperated and already resigning myself to another week of wearing my denim jacket through the school day, I popped into one last store. Thank you, Zara.

Here's the deal: I knew that I should check Ecco and Zara first. I knew it. In my head, I thought: you know, I think they might have what I'm looking for. But I wrote off Ecco because I wanted something cute and thought Ecco might be too clunky. And I wrote off Zara because a lot of their product line is wispy and trendy and expensive. And in the end, I could have spent more time at the Dean & Deluca cheese counter if I'd just gone with what I first thought.

Question is, will my first impulse be correct next time?

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Clare said...

my brother and his wife moved to and back from france twice, and used a container each time. they're minimalists too so it wasn't a big deal, but they did have plenty of times sitting on the floor and wearing the same clothes over and over til everything arrived.