Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

A Marslender Family Thankful List
1. Family. Of course.
2. Health and strength
3. God
4. Books (edible or not)
5. Moleskine notebooks Pentel RSVP fine line black pens (that's mine)
6. An apartment
7. View of the Gulf
8. No snow (that's also mine)
9. Skype
10. Treadmill (mine)
11. Francis, our nanny
12. Learning, becoming
13. Humor
14. Full bellies and good sleep
15. Clean diapers and Bear (Claire's contribution. Also, "Dadadada eee eeyahhh? Tucka tucka.")
16. Old friends and new friends (silver and gold Girl Scout song, anyone?)
17. Recipes that work
18. A job
19. Soccer coaching; a good JV girls' season (Justin's)
20. Hot water at any time of the day here (so far)
21. Naps (we all agreed on this one)
22. Chance to explore this world and live it
23. Insights, wisdom that comes when you are still
24. Dreams that you hold
25. Grace and mercy

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DC Running Mama said...

I love the recipes that work one:> I have such a hard time finding good recipes! I actually made a really good smoky bacon corn chowder tonight from Real Simple; their recipes tend to work out!