Friday, November 6, 2009


1. I turned twenty-nine yesterday. Today I was able to joke about the fact that Justin remembered to sing to me yesterday and that next year he'll remember a gift. The thing is we've been just buying stuff when we travel and saying, "Oh, happy birthday to me. Merry Christmas to me. Yea for St. Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day!" Not quite, but close. But I realized: I want to open a gift on my birthday. So next year, a song and a gift.

2. Sweet Chocolate Babycakes. I made these to celebrate twenty-nine using Nigella Lawson's recipe. Not time consuming and sooo very delicious.

3. On Sunday I begin subbing for a tenth grade English teacher on maternity leave. I signed up for this awhile ago when I thought Yeah, I'll need a break by then, thinking that staying at home might leave me missing the classroom. I wouldn't call teaching a break. I'll miss my little one. The days will be long but I don't know quite what to expect until I just jump in and start.

4. This one is for DC RunningMama. I miss reading your blog! See if you can find me on FB under Justin Sarah Marslender. Can't imagine there being a lot of those Justin Sarahs out there. I didn't ever try to track down your real name so I still think of you as DC and am not sure how to find you. (To think that I would like to be a spy one day).

5. No guarantees on blogging over the next week or two (see 3). I'm working on a few mini-essays about life here that I'll post sometime and I need to get my pictures together so that I can post more of those. Also want to put up a few recipes that work well for us. Until then, happy weekend. Think of me when you're loving your lazy Sunday afternoon!


DC Running Mama said...

You are such a BABY! What an accomplished and interesting woman you are for all of your travels!

I'll try to track you down on FB, but if unsuccessful email me at: I didn't realize you didn't have access!


DC Running Mama said...

(I can call you a baby b/c I've got 2.5 years on you)

Clare said...

happy birthday!!!!!! i bet you'll like teaching and get into a routine...and also be psyched when it's over!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Happy Birthday! And you really are so young - yet so wise.

And Sweet Chocolate Babycakes - that looks delicious.

jsmarslender said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Believe me, I'm looking forward to 30 because it sounds sooo "adult." No longer in my twenties then. But I've got a year and twenty-nine a nice, prime number. : )