Tuesday, October 13, 2009

healthcare & the economy

How can you go wrong with a post title like that?

One of my favorite public radio shows is This American Life. This past weekend they aired part one of a show about healthcare. Next weekend they will wrap it up. You can listen to it online if you go to the On the Radio page of their website. Or, here is a link to the show itself, called More is Less.

Another one of their shows that was very informative to me was episode 355 The Giant Pool of Money, covering the economic crisis and tracing its roots to, well, a lot of poor decisions. Very good, clear coverage. A couple of weeks ago they aired Return to the Giant Pool of Money, a follow up to some of the people and ideas introduced the first time around.


DC Running Mama said...

Hey--I'm taking my blog private. Not sure how to get your email w/o making one of ours public. Are you on Facebook?

jsmarslender said...

Hey there! I am on Facebook, sharing an account with Justin. Justin Sarah Marslender. Looking forward to keeping up with you...